Tiegarten Schönbrunn Vienna zoo

Hello everyone.

I am now in Austria. I arrived yesterday late night. And My friend waited at me at the airport.

But today! we went to the zoo in vienna. there we saw a lot of animals (ofcorse) and had a good time there. First we saw a giraffe, those animals are reaaally tall!!! hoho.

After this we saw a weird, racoon looking animal, he was cute, but he was hiding so much. Then we saw cat animals and monkies and stuff like that. i dint see the lion though, my fave animal, but thats ok 😀

After the zoo trip, ,we went to eat some chinese food 😀 it tasted good ^^

The weather was hot, but it was soo much nicer than norway! indeed. 😀

All in all, it was a verry good first day in vienna (wien) :



Some of the animals from the zoo 🙂

– Ronja Amina