A bird

Yesterday, while i was waiting for the train to Oslo, i saw a bird in the train track. Not one of the smal pretty ones, but one of the bigger, less pretty.  A craw. He was picking on a plastic bag. I started to think, what if he gets choked from it? One thought leads to another and i started to remember how awefull it looks in Egypts streets from all the non-caring people littering in the streets. What if, they kept their trash until they found a trash can or till they arrived their goal of destination (home, etc.) Here too, it is some littering, but here pople are more aware of the environment. So, what if this bird got chocked by this plastic bag? he was in the middle of the track, and it’s not allowed to go in the track. I wouldn know what to do to save him anyway, and the train would hit him at the tame it came. Thank God it didnt choke, but please think of the environment and the wild animals before you let your litter in the street. What energy does it take you to keep you litter a few minutes more to trow it correctly? just think about that please 🙂Image

– Ronja/ Amina